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Hall-Effect Position Sensors SS Series

In different packag styles.

Function: unipolar, bipolar, bipolar-latching, linear, omnipolar


New Hall-Effect Sensors in reduced size:

SS361RT / SS461R         Low-Gauss Latch, Reduced-Size IC
SS311PT / SS411P         Low-Gauss Bipolar, IC with built-in pullup
SS341RT / SS441R         Low-Gauss Unipolar, Reduced-Size IC
SS343RT / SS443R         Medium-Gauss Unipolar, Reduced-Size IC
SS349PT / SS449R         High-Gauss Unipolar, Reduced-Size IC
SS345PT / SS445P         Medium-Gauss Unipolar, IC with built-in pullup
SS351AT / SS451A         Omnipolar, IC with built-in pullup


SS41 digital / SS46
SS411A / SS413A,

SS400 digital
SS441A / SS443A / SS449A / SS461A / SS466A

SS49 / SS490 linear
SS49E / SS495A / SS496A

SS50 / SS500 SMT
SS51 / SS511A / SS513A / SS541A / SS543A / SS549A / SS552M / SS61A / SS59ET

SS94A1 / SS94A2

Hall-Effect Position Sensors SR Series, AV Series and others

Special packings for easy and quick installations without tools.

SR3 / SR4 / SR11 / SR13 / SR14 / SR15 / SR16 / SR 17 / 2AV / 4AV / 103SR


Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensors RPN Series

Non-contact operation for angles between 50 ° and 360°


Special Hall-Effect Sensors

Speed and Direction Sensors e.g. for Motors
Passive Speed Sensors
Speed and Direction
Speed Sensor Building Blocks


Magnetic Field Sensors 2SS52 Series

Omnipolar magnetoresistive Sensors with low Gauss operation. This allows a larger detection distance.
SS552M-T with surface mount package

Other Hall-Effect Sensors available.

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