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HGuide i300 MEMS IMU

Honeywell leading edge IMU without export limitations

Honeywell makes the high-precision defence and aerospace IMU available for a wide range of industrial applications – without export license! NON-ITAR .

The Honeywell HG4930, HGuide i200 and the HGuide i300 are microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that combine accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers in one system and can be used in numerous applications for navigation and stabilization. Typical application areas are in agriculture, industrial equipment, robotics, surveying, mobile platforms and transport. Extremely small size, low weight and minimum energy consumption with an attractive price point.

The HG4930, i200 and i300 includes MEMS gyroscopes and acceleration sensors. In addition, the HG4930 and i300 uses an internal environmental isolation system to mitigate unwanted interference.

Some features:

  • RS-422 serial interface Power consumption: <3 W
  • Operating temperature range: -54 ° C to 85 ° C (varies with configuration)
  • Data rate: 100 Hz (guidance) and 600 Hz (control)
  • Supply voltage: 5 V

The Honeywell IMUs are suitable for a wide range of applications



Stabilization of camera platforms to track a desired object, e.g. For sports transfers Integration with GPS / GNSS to navigate an object from point A to point B. The IMU performance is the key factor for the overall system, because errors accumulate quickly without GPS / GNSS. (Forest areas, mountains, tunnels, underwater, dense urban area, etc.) Dynamic stabilization of a platform. The IMU measures the smallest disturbances and movement (vibration, shock, etc.) thus allowing a quick correction and stabilization. Without IMU, the images would be blurry or out of focus. Particularly important are highly accurate IMU. For building cameras, air surveying, underwater cameras / surveying, Kinofilm Robots for indoor navigation with other sources (radar, LIDAR, etc.) Critical applications: robots for security. Agricultural equipment Autonomous rail vehicles


Inertial sensor unit of the TARS series

9 V to 36 V, CAN protocol, AMPSEAL 16 termination, creation.
Performance of standard MEMS chips (for micro-electromechanical systems).

The transport positioning reference sensor or TARS-IMU consists of a series of sensors in one housing. These sensors report the rotation rate, acceleration and inclination of vehicles in challenging applications such as heavy duty and off-road transport. TARS-IMU enables autonomous vehicle characteristics and improves efficiency and productivity by reporting core data needed to automate and monitor the movement of vehicle systems and components. The fusion algorithm of the sensor can be adapted via an integrated firmware according to the customer’s requirements for specific vehicle applications, so that the movement data is filtered for insignificant movements of environment and vehicle.

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