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Mechanical Thermostats TAM, TRM, TX; FT69, STW, STB from FEMA

TAM Series as capillary tube thermostat

TRM Series as room thermostat

TX Series as rod thermostat

FT69 Series as frost protection thermostat

STW Series as temperature monitor

STB Series as temperature limiter

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Mechanical Thermostats with ATEX-Approval: Ex-TAM, Ex-TRM, Ex-TX

Ex-TAM Series as Ex capillary tube thermostat

Ex-TRM Series as Ex room thermostat

Ex-TX Series as Ex rod thermostat

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Electronic Thermostats FTSE, Smart TST-R from FEMA

FTSE Series as electronic frost protection thermostat

TST-R Series as electronic thermostat / transmitter

FEMA-Product Catalogue

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