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Magnetic Field Sensors HMC Series

The sensors have a high sensitivity starting from 27 µGauss (2,7 nTesla). The Field Range is up to  +/- 6 Gauss (0,6 mTesla).

HMC1001 / HMC1002 / HMC1021 / HMC1022 / HMC1041Z / HMC1051Z / HMC1052L / HMC1053

HMC1500 Series for linear and rotary motion (±45° resp… ±90°)
HMC1501 / HMC1512


HMC6000 Series are compass modules

Compass Systems HMR Series

Compass modules with integrated HMC sensors.
HMR2300 Series: Digital magnetometer
HMR2300-D00-232 / HMR2300-D21-232 / HMR2300-D21-485

HMR3300 Series: Digital, multiaxis compass module

Evaluation & Demonstration Boards

For some sensors and sensor combinations there are Evaluation & Demonstration Boards available.

Other Magnetic Field Sensors available.

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