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Honeywell Models 151/152 S-Beam Load Cells combine compact structure with enhanced precision and rigorous testing to form a reliable and durable tension and compression force transducer. The one-piece design achieves an accuracy of ±0.03 % full scale. The lower capacity (50 N and 100 N) Models 152 (Order Code CA152) are constructed from aluminum; whereas higher capacity load cells Models 151 (250 N to 50K N) are made with alloy steel (Order Code CA151). (See page 3 for Order Guide information.)
Models 151/152 load cells help keep equipment and specimens safe, as well as minimize test time and maintenance through reliable force measurement.

• Tension and compression load/force measurement
• Wide capacity range: 50 N to 50K N
• Accuracy: ±0.03 %FS
• Metric thread
• One-piece, nickel-plated alloy steel or aluminum construction
• Overload capacity: 150 %FS
• IP67 sealing
• Integrated cable: 1,5 m [4.92 ft]

• Wide capacity range: 50 N to 50K N
• Standard accuracy of ±0.03 %FS
• 5-points calibration in tension and compression

• Tension and compression calibration
• 5-points calibration data
• Mechanical shock tested 50 g peak to IEC 60068-2-27
• Vibration tested to IEC 60068-2-6

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