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Honeywell’s Model 434 is an addition to Models 435 and 437 Wing/Hammer Union Pressure Sensors that allow for use in demanding oil and gas applications as well as stimulation and circulation systems. Model 434 allows for use in applications requiring high pressure (up to 20,000 psi) due to its  Weco® size 2002/2202 Wing Union-compatible fittings. Additionally, Model 434 offers optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718, which allows for use in sour gas applications where natural gas or any other gas containing high amounts of hydrogen sulfide often exist.


  • All-welded, stainless steel assembly with the sensor diaphragm and wing union fitting machined as one part, providing hermetic integrity and minimizes media leakage versus multi-piece parts
  • 0 to 5000 psi; 0 to 6000 psi; 0 to 10000 psi; 0 to 15000 psi; 0 to 20000 psi;
    0 to 350 bar; 0 to 400 bar; 0 to 700 bar; 0 to 1000 bar; 0 to 1350 bar
  • High accuracy option ±0.1 %FSS BFSL (Model 435); standard ±0.2 %FSS BFSL (Models 434/435/437)
  • Standard aperture (Models 434/435); wide aperture (Model 437) support media blends with high viscosities
  • Inconel® X-750 or optional Inconel® 718 NACE-compliant wetted parts
  • Shock and vibration tested
  • Intrinsically safe: CFMUS / ATEX / IEC-Ex certification; CE approved
  • Protective cage option

Durable: Weco® Wing Union-compatible fittings are machined of Inconel® X-750, or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718, allowing for use with abrasive and corrosive media. Protective cage option provides electrical connection protection.

  • Reliable: All-welded, stainless steel assembly, shock/vibration ratings, and isolated pressure sensing diaphragm increase reliability.
  • Accurate: High accuracy option provides confidence in the actual measured pressure value, particularly for smaller changes in pressure, allowing drilling operation adjustments as needed.
  • Availability and service: Global manufacturing and support allow Honeywell to quickly provide customized products, helping customers meet project timelines


  • High or standard accuracy allow ability to obtain tighter system requirements and lower error bands than comparable competitive models.
  • Shunt calibration option enhances configurability and flexibility; 1-wire shunt calibration is achievable with a single barrier application, helping to minimize installation costs.
  • IEC Ex approval allows for use in hazardous areas, in Asia-Pacific and EMEA, and by the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Protective cage option
  • Welded constructionthe sensor
  • Supply voltage provides customers flexibility of design within the application


  • Pressure range 0 to 5000 psi; 0 to 6000 psi; 0 to 10000 psi;
    0 to 15000 psi; 0 to 20000 psi; 0 to 350 bar; 0 to 400 bar;
    0 to 700 bar; 0 to 1000 bar; 0 to 1350 bar
  • High accuracy ±0.1 %FSS BFSL (Model 435); standard accuracy ±0.2 %FSS BFSL (Models 434/435/437)
  • Standard aperture (Models 434/435) and wide aperture (Model 437) pressure ports support media blends with high viscosities
  • Inconel® X-750 or optional NACE-compliant Inconel® 718 wetted parts
  • Multiple electrical connectors supported
  • Pressure connections: WECO® 1502, 2002, 2202
  • High accuracy 1-wire or 2-wire shunt calibration option allows ability to validate the offset signal in the field,
    ensuring the sensor is actively plugged into the system
  • Protective cage option
  • RFI/EMI protected
  • Intrinsically safe: CFMUS/ATEX/IEC Ex certification
  • CE approved

Acidizing, choke manifold, fracturing and cementing, measurement while drilling (MWD), mud pumps/mud logging, new well development and extraction, oil and gas drilling, service and cement trucks, standpipe, stimulation, well head.

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