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The GKM Series Global Miniature Safety Key Interlock Switch is designed for use on machinery where key removal brings the machine to an immediate safe condition. The GKM Series provides enhanced operator safety when added to hinged or sliding guard doors, screens and protective covers on enclosures. GKM has daisy-chain capability to reduce installation and down time. Pre-leaded Versions allow for rapid fit, easy cable Routing and function testing, potentially cutting costs dramatically.

  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Immediately identifiable as safety component
  • Flexibility in mounting/actuation Options
  • Switch equipment directly and through safety control modules
  • Fits into extremely compact spaces
  • Often suitable for wet applications
  • Simple mechanical and electrical redundancy
  • Easy application to multiple door modular machinery – reduced difficulty in wiring small switch enclosures
  • Durable and tough design
  • Complies with global requirements