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The SS311PT / SS411P, 340RT / SS361RT and SS440R / SS461R Series sensors’ enhanced sensitivity enables the use of less expensive magnets in some applications. The SS311PT / 340RT / SS361RT‘s very small footprint takes up less space on the printed circuit board, typically allowing for smaller less expensive boards. Furthermore SS311PT / SS340RT / SS361RT is with tape and reel packing available and therefore ideal for cost-effective, automated mass assembly.

The Sensors work with a supply voltage of 3 volts. Two different housing designs allow flexibility of application. The SOT-23 miniature housing for surface-mount of SS311PT / 340RT / SS361RT can be delivered on strips or rolls. The SS411P / SS440R / SS461R with ist flat housing is also available loose (1000 pcs. per bag). Potential Areas of application in the industry and transport sector are speed detection and measurement, fan and engine control, flow measurement and robot control. In medical technology applications for drive assemblies or medicine dispensing are possible.